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Most Improved in PE





Most Improved in PE award


Welcome to our brand new award for this year, the "Most improved in PE" over the term.

Thanks to our last years Head boy and Head girl, these children wanted to leave a legacy once they had left, so they came up with these awards. At the end of each term a boy and girl will be selected who has improved the most throughout the term. The winners will be awarded with a trophy, medal, certificate and a letter.

Congratulations to our first winners of these awards, Roland from year 5 and Katie also from year 5.


Roland - Year 5




Fully deserved Roland, I have been so impressed with you this term. Your football has certainly improved throughout the term and it has been lovely to see you represent the school. You certainly have an eye for a ball as your Table tennis skills has been very evident too. You are a polite boy, who is keen to learn and you play with a smile on your face which is lovely to see.

A superb achievement for you, keep up the great work.


Katie - Year 5




Katie has had a superb term at school, most notable during running club where she has gone from strength to strength each week.

Katie is a lovely girl, who is a pleasure to teach, due to her excellent listening skills, behavior and effort she puts in to both clubs and lessons.

I hope this award will give her more confidence and allow her to continue to improve.

I am really proud of you Katie, well done.

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