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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

60th Anniversary of the school at Bagshot Road

60 years of St Cuthbert's at Bagshot Road

Mass and Diamond Disco!


Link to payment for disco tickets below -  but please read the info about the disco before purchasing


On the afternoon of 23rd June, Bishop Richard will be celebrating Mass with us, to mark 60 years of St Cuthbert’s having a dedicated school site. Prior to 1963, the school operated from the Social Hall on Harvest Road and then from a hut that became the church hall, prior to the Jurgens Centre opening. You can read more about the history of the school here:



Afternoon tea follows Mass, with a Diamond Disco for the children into the evening at school - not at the Jurgens Centre.


Bishop Richard will be visiting the children in their classrooms - there won't be a huge tea party. We hope that Bishop Richard will have time to join the wider community having toured the school after mass for seven afternoon teas!


If you wish to attend the mass, please liaise with the school office, in the way advised by the school.


We still need volunteers for the events on 23 June - see your class rep if you can help or email the PTA



Diamond Disco Details

  • The KS1 disco (R 2023/24, R 2022/23, Year 1, Year 2) will run from 3.45pm to 5pm
  • The KS2 disco (Years 3-6) will run from 5.15pm to 6.30pm
  • Tickets are £5 per child, £13 for families of 3, or £16 for families of 4
  • The ticket includes hot dog or pizza, a freeze pop and a squash drink
  • Vegetarian and gluten free options will be available
  • Please discuss other dietary requirements or allergies with your class rep before buying a ticket


Parents must either stay at the KS1 disco or advise who is staying with their child.

All children must be signed into and out of the disco.


We need lots of volunteers, but recognise that this is difficult for those looking after pre-schoolers, who cannot take part in the disco (with the exception of Reception 2023/24), as it is usually very busy and sometimes boisterous. For the same reason, children should attend the disco for their Key Stage. If your KS1 child is attending the disco and you have a pre-schooler to care for, please consider asking another parent to be responsible for your child, so that your pre-schooler does attend. If attending with a pre-schooler is the only option then please ensure that they stay with you and do not run around with the older children.


Tickets can be purchased via the links below. Because we cannot link sales to names, it is essential that you screenshot your SumUp receipt and send it to your rep advising how many tickets you have bought - and for which disco in the case of the family ticket. Please also advise whether your child would like pizza or hot dog and any dietary requirements. Vegetarian pizzas will be available.


Links to ticket sales:

KS1 Diamond Disco


KS2 Diamond Disco


Diamond Disco tickets for families of three or more children - enter the correct amount


Please give your child pocket money if you would like them to be able to pay for sweets, glitter, temporary tattoos, and/or nail varnish (all subject to having sufficient volunteers). If your child should not have glitter or tattoos applied to their skin for health reasons, e.g. eczema, please let your class rep know. 


Where ticket prices would prevent your child from attending, please email the PTA direct to request free or discounted tickets


Thanks to DJ Simon Cronin for making it possible.




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