St. Cecilia Feast Day Celebration on Wednesday 24th November with Mufti for Children in St. Cecilia's House
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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


The Gold Surrey Anti-Bullying Charter Mark award is a celebration of a whole school approach to anti-bullying work. This accreditation has been awarded by the Charter Mark following their inspection.  While as a school, we had initially expected the 'Silver' award, the inspectors were so impressed by the evidence provided, that St. Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School has been awarded the 'Gold' accreditation.


The Charter Mark inspectors look into how effectively incidents of bullying and peer conflict are responded to and managed.  They look for evidence how the School promotes the development of a culture and policy that sits comfortably and supportively within the safeguarding ethos of a school:

  • ensuring that schools provide a safe and happy place to learn, for children;
  • allowing them to achieve school improvement;
  • raise achievement and attendance;
  • promote equality and diversity;
  • develop resilience;
  • ensure the safety and well-being of the pupils and the school community.


Not only did the inspectors look at written evidence, they also interviewed some of our Peer Mediators who have been working very hard in presenting the assemblies and the work they do on the playground.


The peer mediators work diligently with our Behaviour Lead, in raising their profile and responsibilities with regards to conflict resolution and their ideas for improving the way that incidents are dealt with.  We have produced restorative question cards, which every member of staff carries on their lanyard, which has seen a cohesive approach to questioning children in the event of an incident. 


Gold Surrey Anti-Bullying Charter Mark

Surrey Anti-Bullying Charter Mark Letter

Peer Mediators At St.Cuthbert’s 

At St Cuthbert’s we are lucky to have a trained group of peer mediators. These children are responsible children chosen from years 5 and 6 who consistently display our FAIR values. Their role in school is to resolve conflicts between children at break times.  They are trained in the restorative approach. They monitor the playgrounds at morning and lunch time breaks. They are independent in record keeping and pass on any incidents to the relevant class teacher and behaviour lead. It is very important that children learn the skills to resolve any conflicts amicably and calmly before deferring to an adult. They are an invaluable part of St Cuthbert’s school life and a big part in monitoring behavioural incidents before they escalate into  what we may understand as ‘bullying’. 

Anti Bullying Assembly - 12th November 2021

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