Open Mornings for EYFS 2022 intake will be held at 9am on Wednesday 13th October and 9am on Tuesday 9th November 2021
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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


Art Day!

The children looked great dressed up a different artists. We spent the day indulged in art. The children started off with some observational drawing, which was followed by some collaging skills in preparation for some DT learning we will be doing. The children then did some lovely paintings. In the afternoon, we went on a hunt for some pieces of nature that we could use to make prints in a clay tile. 

Year Two's interpretations of famous artist's paintings

Year Two researched the two artists Jean Metzinger and David Hockney. They decided whose paintings they preferred and painted their own interpretations of a painting of their choice. They used skills learned from their Yayoi Kusama's paintings and took their time to recreate the famous artwork. It was great to hear them express their views of different pieces of art, including what they liked about them.

Creating 'Save Our Planet' Plaques

The children planned what they would like to write on their plaques, then they began creating then by using their D&T skills to measure a saw the plaques to their desired sizes. 

They then set to work painting them, to send encouraging messages out to help protect our planet!

Observational Drawing

Sketching with Mrs Lowe

Painting like Yayoi Kusama

The children learned about the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. They then painted in the style of her work of polka dots. The children used different objects to create the dots, for example fruit, classroom objects and paint brushes.

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