Open Mornings for EYFS 2022 intake will be held at 9am on Wednesday 13th October and 9am on Tuesday 9th November 2021
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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


The Colour Wheel


The children first researched the colour wheel for Home Learning. They shared their learning in class which was our starting point of the lesson. The class then collaged a colour wheel, for some children, seeing the colours hidden in plain sight in a magazine was trickier that it originally seemed. 



We used items that we found in nature to complete colour wheel printing. First we had to carefully mix primary colours to make secondary colours. We found this harder than we originally thought it would be. Then the next challenge was to print using a lino roller. This gave a superb effect of the item we had printed from. Next we will be taking inspiration from Kandinsky's Circles to create a piece of repeated print artwork using our newly found paint mixing skills. 

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