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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Uniform sale and 'Declutter and Donate'

St Cuthbert's Declutter and Donate - items for free or for a donation to the PTA

There is a 'St Cuthbert's Declutter and Donate' page on Facebook, which can be used to offer items (not services) for free or for a donation to the PTA.  A link to the PayPal donation pool is on the page.  You will be asked two basic questions and will then be automatically approved.


At the moment there is a focus on offering or requesting outgrown uniform, but there are no restrictions on what items you offer. Please do not offer new items partially for sale and partially for a donation.


Uniform sale WhatsApp group

If you are not on Facebook or would prefer to use WhatsApp, there is a uniform sale WhatsApp group - your class rep has the link. We would like to minimise the number of messages in this group. So please post a photo/description of what you are offering and delete your post when the items are gone. If you are interested in an item please private message the person offering it rather than asking questions/making collection arrangements within the group.


The link for making a donation to the PTA via PayPal is in the group description.



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