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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Design a book cover for our library!

Our beautiful library is complete, the books installed, a name has been chosen and an opening date set.


We could do with some beautiful artwork and who better to provide this than our fabulous children?!


We are running a design a book cover competition. We would like entries on A4 or smaller in any medium. This should not be a copy of a book cover, but an original design of either:

  • what the child would have put on the cover of a published book if they had designed it, including title and author; or
  • a book cover design that would make them pick up a book - but the book itself has not been published. For example, the child likes stars and cars so thinks of a potential storyline and draws a book cover in this theme. This design should include a made up title (e.g. Pat's star car) and author (themselves?)


The winning entries from Reception, KS1 and KS2 will each win a prize and their work will be displayed in the library.


Entry is £1.50 per child, to be paid via this SumUp link. Entry fees will be ringfenced to the library furniture and books, so please feel free to give more than the entry fee! As always, no child will be refused entry due to payment not being possible for some families, you don't need to consult anyone, just enter without paying. 


Please give your entry to your class teacher or to the office - please do not give them cash.


Entries close on 1 March and will be judged on World Book Day!


We can't wait to see your entries!

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