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District Sports




They've done it again................................... CHAMPIONS 2023!


Congratulations to the 35 children who represented the school on Wednesday for our annual District Sports event, we were the overall winners. 9 schools participated in the blazing heat, with a mixture of events to include, sprints, relays, 600m, throwing & jumping. Here are the final places: 

Year 3 - 2nd 

Year 4 - 2nd 

Year 5 - 1st 

Year 6 - 1st 

Overall - 1st 


The children in years 5 & 6 were awarded trophies for their 1st places and we were presented with the overall trophy at the end. 

Huge thank you to Mrs Missen, Mrs Heffernan & Mr Fullan for their help & support on the day. As ever we had great support from our parents, so thank you to all of you too. 

A wonderful achievement for our school, well done to all our children, we are very proud of you. 



District Sports Winners 2022



On Wednesday June 16th, 37 children across years 3-6 represented the school in the District Sports Finals, held in Walton. How lovely it was for our children to be once again competing in this annual event, even in the soaring heat.

11 schools were participating on the day. Here are the final results.

Year 3 - 3rd

Year 4 - 1st

Year 5 - 3rd

Year 6 - 1st

Overall - Joint winners with St Charles School. 

What an amazing achievement for our children, we are so proud of you.

Covid has played a huge part in schools over the past 2 years, so for us to be able to get back to sporting events is so important for all our children. Last Friday saw all our children run in aid of Cancer Research, followed up by District Sports this week. Both these events have shown our children's sporting ability, resilience and sportsmanship.  In order to promote a healthy lifestyles, as a school we encourage our children to be as active as possible, through clubs, lessons, competition and play. 

From a personal point of view the last week in school has been wonderful to see.

I am delighted to share with you our children who came in the top 3 places from District Sports. As you will see, we had some outstanding results.


Year 3 - May 2nd in the girls 50m sprint. Kitty 3rd in the girl's ball throwing. Girls relay team 1st (May, Kitty, Sofia & Vilte)


Year 4 - Riley 2nd in the boys 60m sprint. Immy 2nd in the girls 60m sprint. Henri 1st in the boys 600m. Isabel 2nd in the girl's ball throwing. Luke & Immy both 3rd in the long jump. Boys relay team 1st (Riley, Lewis, Henri & Taz) Girl's relay team 3rd (Immy, Keavy, Georgina & Isabel)


Year 5 - Jesika 3rd in the girls 70m sprint. Mia 1st in the girls 600m. Kilian 2nd in the boy's ball throwing. Isla 1st in the girl's ball throwing. Mia 2nd in the girl's long jump. Girls relay team 3rd (Isla, Bella, Jesika & Mia)


Year 6 - Robin 3rd in the boys 80m sprint. Amelie 3rd in the girls 80m sprint. Thomas 3rd in the boys 600m. Emily 3rd in the girls 600m. Krystal 2nd in the girl's ball throwing. Emily 3rd in the girl's long jump. Boys relay team 2nd (Robin, John, Thomas & Harry) Girl's relay team 3rd (Noora, Vivien, Emily & Amelie)


Well done to all 37 children who played their part in our success.

Thank you to Miss Woodward, Mrs Cronin and Mr Farraj for their support on the day, along with our very focal parents cheering us on from the stands.

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