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Hinges & Levers

These are some examples of the children's D&T skills. They created some lovely cards, which have the earth on a hinge, which rolls around to reveal some beautifully painted flowers, which are being watered by a watering can on a lever. The children will be using these cards to write persuasive letters in. 

Some children's voice: 

Aimen: We made a save the earth card and we used hand moving D&T skills.

Billy: We used a lever to move the watering can to water all the flowers.

Joshua: We made the earth move with a pin.

Daisy: The movement is a hinge. 

Leo: We are saving the world because of the letter Laudato Si from Pope Francis.

Kitty: We are watering the flowers which is something we can do to help the world. 

Head over to our Art page to see the children using some D&T skills to create their plaques. 

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