EYFS 2023 intake Open Morning 19th October at 10am and Open Afternoon on Tuesday 8th November at 1.30pm
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Making photo frames


The skill that Year Three need to finalise for our DT progression for the year is 'how to make a structure stronger.' The children investigated this by building models.


'There are three things that are needed to make a model stronger.' - Luke

'You can use triangles and a wider base.' - Taz

'You have to lay bricks in a different pattern, not just stack them. It makes walls stronger.' - Salvatore


Designing a frame


Next we researched different types of frames. We found that they all come in different shapes and sizes. This helped us to design our own. It will be for a piece of the children's art work and so the design needs to be appropriate for that. 


Making a frame


The children were given the materials to make the frame and under careful supervision were allowed to use a saw, and other correct safety equipment including a bench, to carefully cut their own wood to a measured size. 

Using tools to construct the frame


Under careful 1:1 supervision, we used a handsaw to cut the wood. This was after measuring the wood to the correct length. We found out that it is important to measure accurately when we previously made trail boards in our Spring Term project. 

Finalising the Frame


The frames were very well built and the children designed decoration for the frame. Everyone is a very excited to create some artwork to be placed in the frame. Perhaps we will frame God's wonderful world this space!

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