Open Mornings for EYFS 2022 intake will be held at 9am on Wednesday 13th October and 9am on Tuesday 9th November 2021
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Shape Poems


The first two weeks of the Summer Term has been focused on writing Shape Poems. First the children researched using dictionaries and thesaurus' to find the meaning, and other words for, our concept idea words. The children spent time analysing the features of other shape poems and deciding what they liked and disliked about the poems.


'I don't like the shape poems as they are hard to read. I don't like turning my page.' - Alice

'Shape poems are fun to look at, they look like the shape of what the poem is about.' - Luke


Next, we combined RE and English to create shape poems based on the coming of the Holy Spirit. The children worked together in groups to build a word bank which would later inform their poems. When it came to writing the poems, the class all slipped back into story writing. We spoke about this and transformed the 'stories' into words more suited to a poem. 

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