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Primary School

Entry requirements for reference (entries now closed)

The competition theme is Autumn

Entrants may submit as many photos as they wish - each entry is £2

A judging panel will choose the overall winner and runners up

Children and adults will be able to vote for their favourite photos too

Fantastic prizes to be won!


The details

The theme for both the children's and adults' competitions is Autumn.


We are very grateful to our fabulous judging panel:

  • Farrah Hartley, professional photographer at Cotton Dreams photography
  • Jane Figueiredo, fashion designer
  • Mrs Ingram, Year 5 teacher and former Fine Art dealer
  • Mrs Lowe, Higher Level Teaching Assistant with an art and design focus
  • Stella Pullen, photography and Fine Art graduate
  • Martin Brown, Creative Director


The panel will judge entries based on criteria such as story, intent, lighting, creativity, contrast, quality and emotion.


Children should only submit photos taken on a camera if it is a point and shoot, unless they can set up an SLR camera themselves. Adults must be amateurs, have a link with the school and only submit photos taken on a phone. Any editing should be done by the entrant.


The photos entered should have been taken this academic year.


The photos will be displayed anonymously on the PTA pages of the school website (see example display pages below). Each photo will be given a code, which will be used for judging and voting. 


Please enter into the spirit of things by not telling each other which photo you or your child took or submitting photos that have been on social media - although we realise it might be obvious where photos include people! 


Entries will close on Monday 9 November, the second Monday after half term, to allow plenty of time for photos to be taken and submitted. DEADLINE NOW EXTENDED TO 11 NOVEMBER!




Prizes awarded by the expert panel

Overall first prize from the children's entries £50 Daniel gift voucher!

Runners up in KS1 and KS2 £20 Daniel gift voucher each



First prize from the adults' entries a £60 gift voucher for a lovely meal at The Barley Mow!


Runner up adult entry choice of box of chocolates, bottle of wine or bottles of beer


And the best prize is that these winning photos will be displayed at school!


Classroom choice

The KS2 children will vote for a KS1 winner, who will receive a Daniel gift voucher

The KS1 children will vote for a KS2 winner, who will receive a Daniel gift voucher

The children will also vote for their favourite of the adult entries, which will win a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or bottles of beer

There will be small prizes for winners in each Year group or class (i.e. 7 prizes), as voted for by another class. The more entries we have the better the classroom choice and adults' choice prizes can be!


Adults' choice

Adults will choose one favourite photo by a child and one favourite by an adult (not their own child or relation!) via an online vote. The child winner will receive a Daniel gift voucher and the adult winner will receive a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or bottles of beer

Submission and display

We will upload photos to the PTA pages of the school website, so it is essential that any people in the photos (who are readily recognisable) have given their consent to appearing or the parents or guardians of any children have given consent (see below). Links to the photography competition on the PTA pages of the school website will be added to our Twitter and Instagram feeds and circulated via WhatsApp. We may upload some photos directly to Twitter and Instragram but will seek separate consent for that.


Submit photos via email (see below), stating the year your child is in or say it is an entry to the adult competition (with your connection to the school explained), together with the relevant statements copied from below and adapted as necessary:

"I confirm that I/my child took the attached photograph(s).

The adults in this photograph consent to appearing on the school website.

The child(ren) in the photograph is/are my child(ren) and they are permitted to appear on the school website.

The child(ren) in the photograph is/are not my child(are), but does/do attend St Cuthbert's, is/are permitted to appear on the school website and I have copied their parents into this email".

When the last sentence is submitted a parent/guardian of the child in the photo should email their consent too.


Please do not submit photographs of children who do not attend St Cuthbert's, unless they are not easily recognisable.


The entry fee is £2 per photo (or more if you wish!) , which can be paid to the PTA here. Please tick to chip in anonymously, as we will see who the payment is from, but others will not know who has entered. If you do not use PayPal please let us know and we will provide alternative payment options. 


Please send photos to together with a screenshot of your PayPal payment so that we can relate the two (or write 'not paying via PayPal').


Adults' choice voting

Voting will open after entries close and all photos are uploaded. Those voting must not vote for their own photos, photos submitted by the children that link them to St Cuthbert's or by adults related to them. Therefore the link should only be forwarded to those interested in looking at all photos and voting for their favourite, please.  The survey will ask for the initials and school year of the child that links those voting to the school.

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