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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Friday Tuck-in

Thank cookie it's Friday...time for the Friday Tuck-in

Kindly sponsored by Healthy Snacks Ltd 

As many families will be aware, the PTA has run a very successful tuck shop for several years. We are hugely grateful to parents who have given up their time to bake and/or sell items on a Friday morning and to the very many families who support it. The children love it and it has raised nearly £8,000 in 2018/19 and 2019/2020 alone - even though it only ran for half of 2019/2020.  We cannot run tuck shop at present, but we are keen to keep this Friday treat going and raise money for the PTA at the same time. So, Friday Tuck-in began in October 2020.  Tuck shop is due to return in September 2021, but we will need your help please - see here for more info.


We are extremely grateful to you for donating more than £1,000 to the PTA since Friday Tuck-in began.


For Friday Tuck-in, children are allowed to bring in a cake/cookie or biscuit treat from home for their morning snack (instead of fruit) in exchange for a donation to the PTA.  We suggest £1 per child or £2 per family, per week, but what you give is up to you. We are very grateful for any donations.  The treat could be a home-baked or shop bought item.  Some families might choose to bake for others if this can be done within current COVID-19 guidelines.  

Please DO NOT SEND SWEETS OR LOLLIPOPS and remember that St Cuthbert's is a NUT FREE school - this includes products that may contain nuts (and note that our sponsors make products that are not suitable for those with a nut allergy and cannot be brought into the school).


Please donate here

You could donate for the term - although you might choose not to tell your child you have done so wink

There are 6 Fridays in school between now and May half term.  If you do not have a PayPal account please do not send money into school, but instead see if a parent with an account can assist you or contact 


Why would I donate money so that I can send in food from home?

Friday Tuck-in is a way of maintaining the Friday treat at school for the children and maintaining  PTA income at a time when we cannot run tuck shop - one of our biggest earners.  The donation is made so that your child can have the reward of a sweet treat on Friday instead of a piece of fruit. Taking part is entirely optional in the same way that tuck shop is.


The Friday Tuck-in recipes

We are preparing a St Cuthbert's Recipe Book. We would love to recipe your favourite recipes.

Please send them to the PTA email address

If you use a recipe in that is not yours (i.e. it's from a book or website), please adapt it slightly and let us know who wrote it - this is really important for copyright reasons. Many thanks! 


Tuck-in example recipe!

Mery Barry (Year 80)

Mery joined St Cuthbert's in 1940, 5 years before it opened.

Mery loves baking and has shared her recipe for cheese and banana cupcakes with us. 



3 mashed bananas

250 grated cheese of your choice



Mix the ingredients together.  Spoon into cupcake cases. Chill for one hour. Enjoy!

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