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Geography Intent Statement

Geography Intent Statement



As raised in Pope Francis’ message, God’s wonderful world is broken, and it is time to be healed. Through our carefully planned geography curriculum, with RE as a focal point for planning, the children at St Cuthbert’s learn how to look after our world and to live alongside God’s creation.


Our intent is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which is knowledge rich and skills based. Through our Geography themes, we endeavour to build on the children’s Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Creative and Physical potential. It is our aim to enable children to develop their skills and knowledge by deepening their understand of their place in the world. We believe in giving children an understanding of diverse places, cultures, people and natural and human environments. Our themes are designed to enable children to see connections and enquire about the world around them.


We seek learning opportunities by involving the local community and our parish. We ensure that visits to other locations or visitors to the school, enhance children’s curiosity, whilst delivering memorable learning experiences. Through our Authentic Outcomes, the children gain a hands-on experience of living in the world around them, this builds on their confidence and allows them the opportunity for practical experiences and the development of transferable skills.


This is all achieved by rooting our Catholic faith into all that we do. We follow a set of FAIR values, these encourage children to be resilient, articulate, take initiative and be independent learners. In doing so we build a more child-centred and child-led curriculum. By encouraging children to show respect and appreciation to the world around them, we can build a generation of children ready to respond to Pope Francis’ message and look after the world around them.

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