EYFS 2023 intake Open Morning 19th October at 10am and Open Afternoon on Tuesday 8th November at 1.30pm
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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

How do we build a composter?


Come Outside - Rubbish



We could make a composter but we would need lots of wood to like just build around it or a big bucket.” Cristian 


“Maybe we could get a bucket that has a lid.”  Imogen


”I think we could just get one from the shop because it might be too tricky to make one and it might fall apart.”    Stefan 


“We can just put our fruit peels and skins in it.” Isabella 


“How long before the worms get into it?”   Connor 


“We can add some cardboard from the Design Area because that helps make the compost.”  Teddy 





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