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The curriculum has been planned to ensure children build upon prior learning so they are able to know more and remember more.  We know that children need to have confidence in new knowledge before they are able to think deeply about it, apply it and think creatively with it.  Therefore, the curriculum is the progress model. If the children are working confidently with the curriculum, they are making good progress. 


At St. Cuthbert’s, our aim is to equip our children with the knowledge and skills and of course our FAIR values to ensure they are ready to make that next step, as they journey throughout our school from EYFS to Year six and beyond.


Our children will have an understanding of what they are good at (their strengths) and areas that they will need to work on (areas for development). They will also know the role they will have to play, whether it be in their local community, the wider community or the Catholic community … all for the benefit of others.


Here at St. Cuthbert's we measure our impact by working towards Authentic Outcomes in which each year group carefully plans an end point where all of the learning of that term combines together. 


Please see the buttons below for our impact through viewing the Authentic Outcomes, Children's Voice and Community feedback.


For more specific detail on the curriculum being delivered and the impact this has on the individual year groups, please see the Class Pages area of the website. 

Where subjects are taught discretely, by specialist teachers, you can view the impact of their teaching by clicking on the buttons below. 

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