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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


Our Curriculum


Our knowledge rich curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop important skills for themselves, their future and to help make the world a better place.


To support them to be articulate communicators, independent learners and creative thinkers, we model and teach them to:



Articulate communicators





Speak clearly and convey ideas confidently

Seek out and enjoy challenges

Ask questions to check and extend their thinking

Read and communicate ideas in writing efficiently and effectively

Collaborate with others

Generate ideas and explore the possibilities.

Appreciating the ideas of others and building upon them.

Respect other people’s opinions and ideas

Be resilient by showing perseverance and commitment to learning and problems

Show initiative by connect ideas and experiences in new ways

Actively listen to others

Assess themselves and others.

Appreciating our successes and knowing next steps.

Overcome barriers by trying other alternatives, or adapt their ideas

Our teaching and learning approach is focused around 7 elements to ensure ALL learners can access their learning in a deep and meaningful way.




Learning Environment

Shared outcomes





  • We connect children to the purpose of their learning, and ensure they know how it fits into the wider scheme. The projects have clear ‘Authentic Outcomes’ so pupils know where their learning is going and how their learning is going to build towards this outcome.
  • We ensure we connect the learning to a real life application.
  • We carefully plan to ensure all learning is connected and the pupils know how their learning is connected.
  • We consider how to support children to remember their learning by connecting it to their prior learning.
  • We aim for children to develop their schema of big ideas as they move throughout the school.
  • We consider the purpose of the St Cuthbert’s curriculum alongside the subject curriculum to sequence learning into clear steps.
  • We present learning to children in a way that grabs their attention, hooks them into the learning and motivates them to embark on this new learning e.g. professional visit, trips, speaker, artefacts. Our termly projects have ‘Stunning Starts’.


Active learning

  • We build an active learning culture across the school where we promote collaborative, dialogic and thinking classrooms.
  • We plan questions and learning that promotes purposeful talk.
  • We develop children talk through building on the subject specific language and language of learning through: modelling, direct teaching and through listening and talking with professionals.
  • We develop pupils to have positive and effective learning strategies which are developed through projects e.g. independence, resilience
  • All learners are able to access the learning as they have time for thinking, talking through their ideas and listening to the ideas of others.

Learning environment

  • We use ‘Working walls’, washing lines and displays to support the learners.  These are planned carefully to promote child independence, to provide further support, inspire others and celebrate children's learning.
  • We encourage the development and understanding of vocabulary and literacy e.g. key vocabulary, book corners.
  • We celebrate our FAIR values to promote positive, effective and respectful learning.
  • We immerse the children in their learning.

Shared outcomes

  • We use core knowledge and concepts to plan the steps for learning.
  • We make the learning outcomes clear to the children.  The clarity of the learning outcome is crucial to allow children to know exactly what they are learning. 
  • We remind children of the key vocabulary they will need when discussing their learning.
  • We share the success criteria with pupils so they know how to be successful which aids self and peer critique. 



  • We provide opportunities for children to reflect and review their learning using the learning outcomes and success criteria to support them.
  • We build in time to retrieval practise to recap and review prior learning and to consolidate the knowledge and skills.
  • We allow children to view their mistakes in a positive way: to learn from them.
  • We encourage the children to listen readily to the feedback of others e.g. parents, professionals, peers.


  • We act as role models for all learning; through the way we are as learners, our values and attitudes, our talk and through our high expectations.
  • We use questions to probe for understanding, check for misconceptions and to support children.
  • We use models to allow children to know what they are aspiring to.
  • We use professionals to model the language, thinking and skills of the learning.
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