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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Library Lottery

The St Cuthbert's School Association Lottery draws made in 2022 will be ringfenced to help the school to provide a new library space! This space will incorporate the Wellbeing Library that you so generously provided last year.

Proposed layout for our library. This is the hub space off the Hall, currently partly in use as an office, between the Hall and the staff car park. The doors to the Hall and KS1 corridor will be in the same positions as now.



What is the Library Lottery?

  • The Library Lottery costs £15 per number, for three draws.
  • Prize money will depend on how many numbers are purchased - half of the money collected will be redistributed as prizes across the three draws. 


Worked examples of the prize fund amount


  • If 150 families bought one lottery number, £1,125 would be for the library and £1,125 would be redistributed in prizes! With total prize money per draw of £375! 
  • There would be first prize £150, second prize, £100, third prize £75, fourth prize £50


  • If 150 families bought two lottery numbers for £30, £2,250 would be for the library and £2,250 would be redistributed in prizes! With total prize money per draw of £750!
  • There would be first prize £325, second prize £200, third prize £150, fourth prize £75


You can buy as many numbers as you wish! 


Lottery tickets will be sold at the Summer Fair on 10th July and during the following week. But thanks to the Wharf family, there will be free entry into a raffle if you buy your number at the Fair!


We plan to draw the first draw before the end of the summer term, and the second two in September!


Unfortunately, we cannot take online payments unless the purchaser is present. 

Thanks for your support and good luck!

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