EYFS 2023 intake Open Morning 19th October at 10am and Open Afternoon on Tuesday 8th November at 1.30pm
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Most Improved in PE termly winner





Most Improved in PE award


 At the end of each term a boy and girl will be selected who has improved the most throughout the term. The winners will be awarded with a trophy, medal, certificate and a letter.

Congratulations to our first winners of this year.


Autumn Term 2021


Arthur - Year 3 


Congratulations Arthur, you should be really proud of this achievement.

Arhtur has been an absolute pleasure to teach since he joined our school. His enthusiasm, determination and passion for sport has been very evident.

Arthur has displayed consistently strong performances and has grown in confidence as the terms progressed. Always smiling, friendly to others, a good listener and keen to improve Keep up the great work Arthur and very well done to you.



Noora - Year 6



Congratulations Noora, you been simply amazing this term!

A real model student we have on our hands here. Such a friendly, helpful, polite, well-mannered girl who is always determined to do well and improve on her performances. I have been particularly impressed with your progress in football. It’s been very evident you have listened to advice about getting more stuck in.

I cannot praise you enough Noora, please keep doing what you’re doing.


Spring term 2022


Joshua - Year 3


Joshua it gives me so much pleasure to announce you this terms winner.

What a year you’re having, with winning the sportsman of the month trophy back in November and now this.

You continue to impress me Joshua and I have to say from where you were in September to where you are now is a fantastic achievement. I put a lot of this improvement down to you being involved in many of my clubs, I believe this has helped your confidence no end. Both your running and dodge ball have stood out this term and it is very clear you have listened to the advice I’ve given you, as you’ve showed it in your play. You’re enthusiastic, you get stuck in and are determined to do well.


Sara - Year 5




Sarah it gives me so much pleasure to announce you this terms winner. I have been so impressed with you this term. What a lovely girl you are, you have exceptional manners, you’re polite, kind and have a very caring way about you. You are always determined to succeed, I believe you are growing in confidence and this has been evident in both lessons and clubs this term.

A pleasure to teach and a real model for our school. Keep up the great work.


Summer Term 2022


Georgina - Year 4



Georgina I am full of praise for you. It has been lovely teaching you and seeing you make progress throughout the year. Your running ability in particular has shone through, from representing the school in cross country and being a part of the winning team at District sports. You’re a great team player and have shown enthusiasm and resilience in your performances. A very worthy winner. Well done.


Jamie - Year 3

I have been so impressed with you this year Jamie. I have seen a real difference from when you started in year 3, to now as we find ourselves at the end of the school year. You have displayed great teamwork, resilience and enthusiasm in your play. You have grown in confidence and continue to display fantastic sportsmanship values. I hope this award will spur you on to even better things in year 4.

You should be really proud of yourself Jamie. Keep up the good work.







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