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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Most Improved in PE termly winner





Most Improved in PE award


 At the end of each term a boy and girl will be selected who has improved the most throughout the term. The winners will be awarded with a trophy, medal, certificate and a letter.

Congratulations to our first winners of this year.


Autumn Term 2020


Lucy - Year 3 

Lucy has really tried her best and pushed herself this term. Her coordination has improved, as well as her stamina. I think it is fair to say she lacks confidence, so I really hope this award will spur you on to be more positive and believe in yourself in PE. I’m extremely proud of you Lucy. Let’s really go for it in 2021! You can do it!



Ben- Year 3

I have been particularly impressed with Bens running. When we did the Cross Country, he showed great determination and perseverance. Ben is a quiet boy, who just gets on with things.

A pleasure to teach and a good role model to his peers. I hope this award will give you a big boost as we go into 2021.








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