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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning in the Spring Term


We have enjoyed being outside this term with a focus on geography based skills. The class have used a map of the school to match the picture to the scripture as well as go on a scripture hunt. The children have also been learning about compass direction as well as positional language. Lots of fun and learning has happened outside this term and the class have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


On return from Lockdown 2021, the children have also been working together in team games such as the one in the photos. They enjoyed a week long game of 'Beat the Register' in which the children had to get themselves in numerical order before the register closed for the morning session. 


As part of our Outdoor Curriculum, promoting of the FAIR values and the Laudato Si message, the class have been working on improving out garden area. This has had a mini makeover compete with prayer pebbles, new signs, bird houses and gnomes.

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