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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


RE in the Spring Term 

This term our RE themes are as follows: 


What are the joys and demands of engaging in a mission?

'Memorial Sacrifice'

Why do some things evoke memories?

'Sacrifice, Lent/Giving'

Why are some people so giving in their giving? What does sacrifice mean in everyday life?


Can You Avoid Danger?

The Spring Term focus is Explore (Geography). We are focusing on the theme of 'Dangerous Waters' which covers perilous seas and sea creatures. We will cover where oceans and seas are located across the globe, who helps people who encounter dangerous waters and lots of geographical skills including map reading. Our concept words are ; 

Service, Adversity, Power, Community

As ever, the children are amazing about making links to our enquiry question and concept words in all aspects of their learning.  Well done year 5.... you are amazing!



smiley" I  enjoy 'Dangerous Waters' because I get to learn about new waters and adventures from the past and the present." Teddy

laugh" I liked learning about dangerous waters because we got to learn about risks and how to keep safe around water" Abi

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