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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School




In RE we will cover the following themes: 


(How we are created in the image and likeness of God)

'Life Choices'

(Marriage & Commitment of Service)

'Hope / Advent'

(Waiting in joyful hope for Jesus)


What Makes You Change?

Our project enquiry question this year is 'What Makes You Change?' We will be focusing on a discovery theme (history) based upon Magna Carta. We will look at life in the Middle Ages and where this period comes on a timeline. We will also look at the impact of Magna Carta on the history and development of democracy. Our concept words are 'individuality', 'choice', 'transformation' & 'class'. This theme covers PSHE (was King John a bully?....Yes). It also makes links to the choices we have in life and how the social class of an individual affected their life; the poor had very little power in the Middle Ages. We will make Mediaeval pottage using only vegetables like the peasants did and listen to Medieval music to compare it to present day compositions. 



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