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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


The RE units for the upcoming term are paving the way for our project. These are: 

Common Good


Death and New Life


Our Project focus this term is: change, where we will be focusing on the changes that are happening to our world and the changes we can make for the benefit of our planet.


The concept ideas feeding our project this term are:

Transformation, Choice, Responsibility and Restoration.


All of these ideas have created the enquiry question of ;

Is Change Inevitable? 


"So far I have really enjoyed learning about the European Union and changes that have happened, I  was surprised to find out when European Union started there were only six members." Sam


"I like that we are learning about sustainable clothes and we get to design and make our own". Julian


" I love that we are finding out how to be more sustainable because we could help prevent issues in the future and promote better and more sustainable options, to keep our planet healthy," Connie



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