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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School



RE this Spring Term

Our RE themes for this term are

Special People: The experience of community is an essential and enjoyable part of life for people of every age and faith.

Meals/Eucharist: Being thoughtful for life, for people and gifts, is a vital part of our relationships with one another. 

Change/Giving: Life, especially family life, or life in school, is full of opportunities for self-giving.


These themes have shaped our project concepts for this term which are: 

Community, Responsibility, Choice, Appreciation.


Our RE themes and concepts have given rise to our Geography Enquiry question: 

Where does food come from? 


In Year 1, we will be naming and locating the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities, as well as the seven continents of the world. The children will also explore simple characteristics such as landmarks, physical features and locating these on a map this half term. Next half term, we will compare food in contrasting countries – UK and the Caribbean. They will use simple fieldwork and observational skills in the local area to identify where we can buy food and use this to draw a map.

Stunning start

The children decided to bring in their favourite snacks or food for our taster day session. They made a presentation to the class what the food was, some of the ingredients used in making the food and the country where these food or ingredients were from. Then we had a food from around the world fest.


Still image for this video

Food tasting day

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