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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


Our RE Themes for the Summer term are : 

Transformation (Pentecost)

Freedom & Responsibility (Reconciliation)

Stewardship (The Stewardship of Creation) 


Our concept words for this project are : Beauty, Freedom, Stewardship and Responsibility. 

Our enquiry question is 'Is there a bigger picture?'

The learning focus for this term is Art and Design (Create) and we will study all aspects of Earth and Space.  We have an emphasis on the Pope's encyclicals 'Laudato Si' and 'Fratelli Tutti' which we will link to the concepts. Our stunning start is to design a large scale collage on transforming our world for the better, being responsible for our actions (recycling and sustainability) and recognising the beauty of God's creation in terms of the Earth and the Universe. 

Please refer to the MTP for the Summer term for more details of our learning. 

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