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At St Cuthbert’s our intent for Geography is to provide children with a greater knowledge and understanding of the world, the people who live in it and their place in it. By following the National Curriculum’s purpose and aims for Geography, we aim to ensure that children are equipped with transferable knowledge and skills.

By teaching about a diverse range of places and people, we aim to ignite curiosity and interest within the children to want to learn more about the world. Alongside this, we provide them with a deeper understanding of the world’s resources and natural and human environments. In doing so, the children are able to develop a greater understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.

Pope Francis raised in his message ‘L’audato Si’ that are wonderful world is broken and it is our duty to fix it. By encouraging children to show respect and appreciation for the world around them, we hope to build a generation of children ready to respond to this message and look after the planet.



Geography planning for KS1 and KS2 is based-upon by the Rising Stars Geography scheme of work chosen because it ensures complete coverage of the key stage 1 and 2 Geography curriculum with knowledge-rich, high-quality digital resources.

Geography is delivered in Reception through the ‘Understanding of the World’ element of the Early Years goals.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, Geography is taught every other half term, on rotation with History.

Whilst following the Rising Stars scheme, planning is adapted to ensure that the lessons are meaningful, including fieldwork that suits the local areas.

The external curriculum has been enhanced by:

  • Our membership to the Geographical association.
  • Educational visits including fieldwork.