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At St. Cuthbert’s our intent when teaching history is to offer a range of learning topics which allow children the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through a growing understanding of events from the past. In doing so, the children are equipped with a greater understanding of the world that we live in today and how the past has shaped our lives.

Through following the Rising Stars History scheme, the children cover a range of topics in each year group that expose them to times in the past that can capture their imagination, developing their understanding of our national history and history of the world. Our aim is for children to really appreciate and dive deep into History to become independent and creative learners. We want our children to be critical thinkers and problems solvers and feel empowered to act as historians by asking questions and examining sources, in a range of different formats.

To build of their interest from the topics, children are encouraged to develop their understanding of the subject through research, which extends their knowledge further. In doing so, they can begin to develop their own explanations and theories for the past, with their own evidence and deeper understanding. 


Throughout their History journey at St Cuthbert’s we aim to equip children with the confidence to make links across time periods, understand chronology and key dates in history and reflect on past events, making them inquisitive learners.



History planning for KS1 and KS2 is based-upon by the Rising Stars history scheme of work, which has been chosen because of its ambitious, well-rounded curriculum that delivers the core knowledge required by the National Curriculum in an interesting and engaging way.

Children are required to not only acquire knowledge, but also to apply it in meaningful contexts. Questions and tasks to stretch and challenge all children, are incorporated in the scheme. Whilst St Cuthbert’s follows the Rising Stars scheme, the planning is also adapted to ensure that the lessons are meaningful, by including the opportunities to reflect on previous learning and revisit knowledge already taught.

History is delivered in Reception through the ‘Understanding of the World’ element of the Early Years goals where they learn about past and present.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, History is taught every other half term, on rotation with Geography.

The external curriculum has been enhanced by:

  • Our membership to the Historical association.
  • Educational workshops and external visits to develop interest.