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The most common reason given for children to miss school is illness. However, most of the time, childhood ailments can be managed in school.

If your child needs medication during the school day, please complete a 'Pupil Medication Request' form. Medicines must be brought to and collected from the office by an adult and all medicines must be in their original packaging. 

If your child needs to take regular medication during school hours, has an asthma inhaler and /or an AAI (adrenaline auto-injector), please complete the 'Individual Healthcare Plan' form and agree a protocol with Mrs Missen in the School Office.

Links to the relevant forms are at the bottom of this page.


If your child has a special dietary requirement, please complete the 'Special Diet Request Form' in our School Lunch section. For any other allergies, please ensure you inform the office either via the initial Data collection form when your child starts school, or by emailing the school office.