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Sports Person of the Year Winner

Sportsman & Sportswoman of the year winners 2022/2023

Henri - Year 5

You’ve continued to demonstrate your talents throughout the year, excelling in both running & football. You were an integral part of the year 5 football teams success by helping them win the league. You stepped up & played a part in the year 6 football team & didn’t look out of place at all. At the Cross country in March, you were pipped at the line, but still gained an extremely impressive 2nd placed finish. You continued your amazing running ability at District Sports in June, where you gained a 1st place finish in the 600m & a 1st place finish with the boys relay team. An extremely impressive year for you Henri. Well done. I look forward to teaching you next year & seeing you grow even more. 

Isabel - Year 5

What an amazing year you’ve had Isabel. You have demonstrated that you’re a very able football & have been an integral part of the girl’s football team this year. Further to this, you trialed for the District Football team and were successful, as well as winning the badge competition too. In Cross county back in March you were our highest place finisher in the year group. Then came District Sports, where you demonstrated great stamina, effort and determination. You gained a 2nd place in the ball throw, a 3rd place finish in the girls relay & a very respectable 4th finish in the 600m. I am so proud of you.