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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Play Pod





We are lucky too have a play pod, that enables our children to be involved in imaginative outdoor play.

The Scrapstore PlayPod® is a holistic process that works with the entire school community to change both the human and physical play environment transforming play at lunchtimes.


Our aims of the pod for our children:


We believe we will have happier and more engaged children.

Children will return to class ready to learn.

Our children will have the opportunity to pick and choose what equipment they want to play with, therefore they are in control of their learning and they’ll be able to let their imagination take over.

We hope there will be fewer incidents/accidents (we are fortunate not to have many anyway) during break and lunchtimes due to more opportunities the children will have to play.

The pod will encourage teamwork, negotiation, creative play, risk management, problem solving and communication skills amongst our children.


We are always on the lookout for recyclable items, so if parents have any such items that they think the children can benefit from we would really appreciate it.

Thank you


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