Open Mornings for EYFS 2022 intake will be held at 9am on Wednesday 13th October and 9am on Tuesday 9th November 2021
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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Project Overview

The RE units for Summer term are: 

Pentecost - Spreading the Word

Rules - Reconciliation 

Treasures - God's World


Our RE topics have shaped the concepts (or as we call them in Year Two 'ideas') feeding our project this term are:

Beauty, Care, Duty & Sustainability


All of these ideas have created the enquiry question of:

Does all treasure sparkle? 


This term's theme is 'Art & Design', so Year Two will be spending lots of time exploring and creating art which links to the concepts and enquiry question.

We will be exploring the outdoors and planting seeds for different purposes. We will be learning about our environment and the importance of sustainability. Following the Pope's message 'Laudato Si', the children will spend lots of time thinking about the treasures of God's world and how we can look after it. 

Stunning Start!


For our stunning start, Year 2 followed some riddles, which led them to a treasure map, they then used their map reading skills to follow the map to the treasure chest. Here, the children learned about lots of different types of treasures and started to think about our question: Does all treasure sparkle? 

We also started to think about our concepts and about what we can do this term to achieve them.

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