Open Mornings for EYFS 2022 intake will be held at 9am on Wednesday 13th October and 9am on Tuesday 9th November 2021
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Rules - Reconciliation

Year Two have been learning about God's rules, including the ten commandments. They have been learning about how it is important to apologise and also show forgiveness. We were grateful for our visit from Canon Chris who was able to tell us more about this. 

The children reflected on Canon Chris's visit:

Oonagh - Canon Chris told us about how to make good choices and bad choices. 

Daisy - If you make a bad choice you have to say sorry.

Oli - We learned that it's better to use your words than hurt or hit somebody. 

Penelope - If you follow God's rules you follow in Jesus's footsteps.

Jamie - If somebody upsets you, you should forgive them.

Spread the Word


Our first RE topic of the Summer term is 'Spreading the Word', we are learning about how people spread the word about Jesus. 

Jesus's ascension to his Father God in heaven and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

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The children showed this through acting / dance - they expressed the disciple's feelings through their actions and expression.
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