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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education 


At St Cuthbert's we believe that all learning is about God. As such, the teaching and learning of Religious Education is at the very heart of our curriculum. While RE exists as a discrete subject area in its own right, the skills, concepts attitudes and beliefs learned in the subject permeate every area of life at St Cuthbert's.


Through RE we aim to:

Enable each child to form a strong, sure relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Foster and deepen the children's faith and reverence for God by developing their understanding of the Gospels and by creating an environment that reflects the Gospel values.

Teach RE in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church

Provide opportunities for children to celebrate their faith through liturgy, sacrament and prayer

Develop a respect for each other and all people, including those of different faith and cultural backgrounds

Explore the religious dimensions of questions about life, dignity and purpose within Catholic traditions. 

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