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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


Mia "My water filter works because the water is coming out clean. I think it is because I put small stones in there"


Aurelia "We could use a net so the dirt will get stuck in there"


Nico "Water filters make the water clean so you can drink it"


Matteo "My water filter doesn't work because it is made of card"


William "My water filter doesn't work. I think next time I will do it like Mia's"


Charlie "Mine works! Is because I used a cloth and small stones on top so the dirt get stuck in there and the water come out clean"


Finlay "Mine is not working. The water is coming through the holes but is dirty still"


Samuel "Maybe people that don't have clean water could make water filters like this so they can drink"


Mia W "I made my water filter with mum, she helped me cutting because the scissors were very sharp"


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