**** Wednesday 29th June - Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption at 9am for years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 **** Friday 1st July - Sports Day ****
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Year 5 Sports Crew


Welcome to our Sports play leader section of our website.

 The role includes them spending time leading games to our KS1 children during lunchtimes. They also plan & run my Physi Fun club each week, and they then evaluate their performance. In the summer term they will lead one or two PE lessons and help with our Sports days. These children are a huge help to and great role models within our school. Good luck to all of you throughout the year.


Update November 2021

Our leaders have completed their 3 hour Sports Crew training and are now proud owners of the Bronze badge. Well done children.


Update February 2022Our leaders have arranged a Sports Festival on Friday March 18th for EYFS, Year 1 & Year 2 children. This will enable them to gain their Silver badges. The children are very excited about




Update March 2022

On Friday March 18th we hosted a Sports Crew Festival with 10 activities for children in EYFS, Years 1 and 2.

Station 1 was “Target Throw”, it went very well, then children had to throw the ball to hit the target on the wall.

Station 2 was “Football dribbling”, some of the children found it hard to keep the ball under control, but they didn’t give up.

Station 3 was called “Team Throw ”, the children loved this one and had lots of fun.

Station 4 was “Bean bag in the hoop” here the children had to throw the ban bag into one of the hoops. They 2 hoops to choose from, one was close to them and the other was further away.

Station 5 was called “Over Under”, the children worked in a team for this one, in a line one behind the other the children passed the ball down over then under and so on and so on. Lots of fun was had on this station.

Station 6 was called “Balance & Bounce”, I really liked this one, the children were very good at it. We managed to progress the children to more challenging ways they could do it.

Station 7, “Bat & Ball relay”, it was so much fun, when the children were stuck I helped them out. It was lovely chatting with the children.

Station 8 “Shuttle Run” no equipment for this one, the children has to run 20m across the playground and back. Their objective was to try and do it for the duration of 2 ½ minutes without stopping. Some children

managed it, some went too fast and got out of breath fast.

Station 9 was called “Ball Transfer” here the children had to transfer 1 ball at a time to the their hoop which was 5 metres away, how quickly could they transfer all 10 ball, with one at time? The children loved this one.

Station 10 was the “Assault course” here the children had to run over a hurdle, crawl through a hoop, stand in a hoop put it up and over their body then kick a football into a goal. They loved it.

We loved being leaders for this festival and hope all the children enjoyed themselves.


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