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Sports Person of the year winner






Sportsman & Sportswoman of the year winners 2018/2019




I am delighted to announce the boy and girl who are this years Sportsman & Sportswoman winners!

Congratulations to Kaspar and Eva from year 5 who have won these awards.

The children will hold onto these awards until July 2020.




It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Kaspar has been crowned the Sportsman of the year winner. Such a consistent boy who always delivers excellent consistent performances. Kaspar is always keen to get on and play. He plays with passion, enthusiasm and a real desire to succeed. Kaspar is an absolute pleasure to teach, & an excellent role model to his peers. He has been an absolute rock for the boys football team and shown great stamina when running.

I will take this opportunity in wishing Kaspar & his family a lovely summer break




It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Eva has been crowned the Sportswoman of the year winner. It has been a pleasure teaching Eva this year. She is such a lovely girl, who is always smiling. Eva always tries her best and shows determination & enthusiasm in her play. Eva is polite, friendly & well respected by her peers. She is a consistent girl who has had stand out performances in both football and running most notably.

I will take this opportunity in wishing Eva & her family a lovely summer break.


Both children will take up the role of Sports Captains next year.

I very much look forward to working with the two of them.



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