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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Spring Project

The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start

The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start 1
The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start 2
The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start 3

Isabella S – “The poison dart frog gets boiled, which creates foam on top. They (tribes) dip their spikes into the foam and create poisonous spikes for their blow darts.”

Isabella F – “An Amazonian turtle can stay under water for 30 minutes or more.”

John – “The big fish lose their teeth every 3 months. They grow new ones.”

Noora – “The pink salmon, bird-eating spider was only called that because the first time they found it, it was salmon coloured.”

Christian – “We saw a green iguana that was actually orange. It was orange because they had bred it to be orange instead.”

Sophia – “Poison dart frogs become poisonous because they have eaten a poisonous ant that has eaten a poisonous plant!”

Caitlin – “Lots of poison dart frogs come in different colours. The gold one is the most poisonous one.”

Joseph – “The emerald tree boa is the third longest snake.”

Heath – “The big bird with black feathers on its head…the feather goes up when they are scared.”

Isabella S – “The golden poisonous dart frog can kill up to 100 people.”

Christian – “The poison dart frog weighs 5 grams.”


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