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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Spring Project

Our 'connection to nature' project with Royal Holloway

Our 'connection to nature' project with Royal Holloway 1

Amelie - "With Deborah, we were looking at what's on trees and what we can find on trees."


Philip - "I learnt that some animals live in trees and if you destroy them, they will lose their habitat."


Caitlin - "There's some yellow things on the tree branches and when it's raining, they go green. They go back to yellow when they are dry. She is going to show us next week."

Map Skills

Map Skills 1
Map Skills 2
Map Skills 3

Daniel - "We were trying to find out what grid references the cone was on."


Louisa - "We were in The Hub and with chalk, we wrote numbers on the sides and we had to put the cone in a grid and everyone else had to work out the grid references."

The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start

The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start 1
The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start 2
The Living Rainforest - Our Stunning Start 3

Isabella S – “The poison dart frog gets boiled, which creates foam on top. They (tribes) dip their spikes into the foam and create poisonous spikes for their blow darts.”

Isabella F – “An Amazonian turtle can stay under water for 30 minutes or more.”

John – “The big fish lose their teeth every 3 months. They grow new ones.”

Noora – “The pink salmon, bird-eating spider was only called that because the first time they found it, it was salmon coloured.”

Christian – “We saw a green iguana that was actually orange. It was orange because they had bred it to be orange instead.”

Sophia – “Poison dart frogs become poisonous because they have eaten a poisonous ant that has eaten a poisonous plant!”

Caitlin – “Lots of poison dart frogs come in different colours. The gold one is the most poisonous one.”

Joseph – “The emerald tree boa is the third longest snake.”

Heath – “The big bird with black feathers on its head…the feather goes up when they are scared.”

Isabella S – “The golden poisonous dart frog can kill up to 100 people.”

Christian – “The poison dart frog weighs 5 grams.”


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