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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Thank you from Jennie

Thank you!


I am completely staggered and a bit choked by the amazing and generous gifts you have given me to mark my moving on and your kind words in the card or in person. Thank you very very much. Working with you all, across school years, has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.


A leaving note is very indulgent, and a long one even more so. But you have been so incredibly kind and generous to me, that I would like to openly thank and acknowledge just some of the hard working people who make events happen and have made my time with the PTA happy and special. Anyway, I am one of the only parents with access to these pages, so you can't stop me...


Thanks to...

Fabulous former Chair Suzanne (Y8!) for volunteering me to be PTA Vice Chair and shoving me onto the PTA rollercoaster  - I would never have volunteered myself (I still can't believe it)! And to her husband, Dom, who still plays a key part in the Christmas Fair.


The truly wonderful earlier PTA team, mostly Years 3 and 5, who still give me advice and support regularly - Emily (previous Chair), Becki, Louise M, Louisa, Laura M, Jane, Maria, Jules, Karen, Liz "lottery" M and Laura L. They also fundraised much of the money that we have been given the opportunity to spend in the last few years.


Former Vice Chair, Nicola Michael, who has done an enormous amount for the school and for me, the whole time I have been involved. Nicola has goaded me on many times - so don't blame me for all the daft projects and messages.


Alice "we are not buying things you saw on the internet at midnight" Moore, who is so completely fabulous with the money, generous with her time and advice and skilled at talking me down from my more wacky plans without being eye-rolly. 


Secretary Ness Kennedy, Christina "Laps for Laptops" Sturgess, Maurine and Helen P who provide a sounding board and are always ready to muck in at short notice. 


Amazing Anette (14 years service!!), Andy and Emma, previous treasurers and secretary.


The lovely and super responsive class reps over the last four years, many of whom have served for yonks. PTA WhatsApp groups are notorious and they have taken their battering with a smile - and they humoured me too.

Nikki E, who diligently and thoughtfully set up the wellbeing library and the associated fundraising.

Emmanuelle for preparing our risk assessments, which prompt us to plan ahead.

First aiders, Christina, Irene and Moia


The Year 6 and Year 8 parents, who have always buoyed me along whether via message or in person or via direct mickey taking - and have given me loads of lifts to keep me from the bus. They have done loads for the PTA themselves. Shout outs to long serving rep Kate, Stella who saved our grotto at Christmas and champions so much behind the scenes, Nikki "where do you want me, Jen" W, Emma DA for the fitness fundraisers, the Cahills and their pizza oven, Louise M (for so many things!), Alima the henna tattooist, Sara and her samosas, Emma S for rocking up so often, Nathan the groundsman and Emma V who with Paul M performed drive-bys of the school in a convertible mini while dressed in festive gear.


Tuck shop bakers, led by Odalyse and now Ilona - because I don't have to do anything except prepare a list of names and magically 50 per cent of the budget appears. So much love and thought is put into the bakes by more than 30 parents and a sibling, across the school. This is good news for the Year 2 child who thinks I bake 200 cakes a week and that tuck shop was about to end.

Thanks also to Neil and Odalyse for leading the working parties and associated refreshments, respectively.


The Governors, who ran various bars - a critical contribution far more important than governance.


Staff past and present, who have helped the PTA before, during and after school - sometimes unseen by most parents - but often giving hours of their time and replying to messages during the holidays and at the weekend to allow me to move things forward when I am not working. Mr Taylor, for regularly attending our Christmas and summer events from start to finish. Mrs Rainbow and Mrs Gray, for (mostly) taking me seriously. The office team, who have a fantastic fixed smile, which they stick on when I come in and start rambling at them about tables, the freezer or the price of fish when they are in the middle of something more important. I think I was only thrown out once.


The sponsors who have always made me feel comfortable about asking for their support and who have given every time.


Cath in the Parish office/Jurgens Centre for making space for the discos many a time, Simon our legend DJ for in person and online discos and Canon Chris and Charlie the Chimp for starring in the online discos and supporting events.


All who have given whatever time they had (especially if you dressed up!), and to those who looked after children at home to make volunteering by others possible.


My family [get her off, it's not the Oscars], Shane, Austin and Annabel for coming along for the ride and tolerating the mess and chaos that comes with not being on the ball with your own family while you send annoying WhatsApp messages, pile up PTA purchases and search online for bargains. Shane also dressed up to join the Christmas grotto welcome team, although it was widely agreed that he was clearly enjoying himself.


Anyone who helped their child dress up a potato, which is still my favourite project even though it didn't raise a penny 


The many who say say "thank you" to me very often and share ideas - that support is invaluable and has been my motivation. Thanks also comes to me from your wonderful children, who are the only people in the world I could make happy with just a personalised sticker.


So essentially, thanks everyone (because I will have forgotten people - so sorry - particularly given I remembered the chimp).


What a completely fabulous St Cuthbert's community to have been part of.


I will miss you - especially the nods, smiles and brief chats at the gate that can be taken for granted.


Thanks for the joy and the memories ❤️

With love,


The OG Cuddy Duck, apparently, thank you 


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