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Our day at the River and Rowing Museum, Henley

On the trip we went on the coach to the River and Rowing museum. When we got there we a lady called Maddie showed us to our room and we put our coats and bags in the cloakroom and then she showed us where we were going to learn things. In the classroom we learnt songs, how the rivers work, the words for different parts of the rivers and the names of rivers. After that we went to the River Thames and we saw the meadow which is the flood plain. Maddie said it was called ‘Marsh Meadows’ but she wanted to called it ‘Marshmallows’ because it was very sticky and bouncy. It was bouncy because it was filled with water from the river. - Eleanor


I enjoyed the bit where we got to go through The Wind in the Willows story book because it was like walking through a story book. I enjoyed this because it was really nice and half way round there were windows with 3D models spinning around. Now I really want to read the book Wind in the Willows. - Hywel

Freshwater Theatre Group

Freshwater Theatre Group 1
Freshwater Theatre Group 2
Freshwater Theatre Group 3
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Freshwater Theatre Group



The workshop was really fun because we got to go into little groups and we got to act out things. My favourite part was when we did the quiz because everyone got to have an answer each. Claudia Weather the presenter was really helpful because when we didn’t know what to do she helped us.

– Amelia


I think it was good because we knew about rivers and we basically could answer the questions because we already knew some answers. I liked when we acted out the jobs on the river and I was a fisherman. I also liked the quiz because we got to answer the questions about rivers.

-  Eva


Claudia Weather was a presenter for a TV programme called Rivers and Water. She was kind and she made good compliments about our acting. I liked when we acted out the river source and features of the rivers. It was active learning and I liked it a lot.

- Josh

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