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Magna Carta Centre 16th October 2019

On 16th October, as part of our project learning, we visited the Magna Carta Centre at Runnymede. Mr Eaves taught us all about the history and origin of the Magna Carta and King John and his brother, King Richard. He even dressed up as King John to give us a guided tour of Runnymede. We went to see the jurors' chairs and President Kennedy's memorial. It was a very informative day and added to the children's historical knowledge immensely.  Year 5 even designed and made prototypes for their own juror's chairs. We also had a lovely session making Medieval pottage in the outdoor classroom. 

I enjoyed our trip but I would have liked it if they had some suits of armour. I learned that there was never actually a table at Runnymede, where Magna Carta was signed, and lots of interesting facts about Egham." Maya

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