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Trips & Project Enhancements

Quest For Knowledge Timer Travellers' Workshop 15th September 2020

Quest For Knowledge; Time Traveller Workshop 15th September 2020

Year 5 had a fantastic and knowledge rich time when Kat from the Freshwater Theatre Company came into school to deliver a Magna Carta themed workshop. The children acted out the story of King John's reign and the evolution of Magna Carta. They learned about the history of King John's family and how he came to be King. They also covered the social heirarchy and the loyalty between the King, The Barons, The Knights and the Peasants. They listened about how King John split with the Church, lost money through battles with the French and and accident on the Wash. Also, how cruel he was. King John signed Magna Carta but did not honour it. His son, Henry III was the honourable king who actually ratified it during his reign.  


Medieval Pottage Making

Marvellous Middle - Medieval Pottage Making

As part of our Marvellous Middle to our project learning, we made Medieval Pottage in the outdoor classroom.  All the children were involved in making the meal. The ingredients to the pottage were well researched and we only used the herbs and vegetables that would be available in 13th century England. We also cooked it outdoors over a fire. The children realised what hard work cooking was 800 years ago compared to today. The results were delicious and some children had third helpings! 

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