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Water Aid Presentation

Phil Renton, from WaterAid UK, came in on the 10th February to talk about the charity's work.  Obviously, there are many areas in the world where the people have to drink 'dangerous water'. The workshop sparked a flurry of activities and learning. We learned where in the world Water Aid work and we even did a survey of the school asking them to reflect on what their life would be like if they did not have access to clean water and sanitation at school.  I also painted ten children's hand with yellow paint. They had to walk around greeting the other members of the class so that we could see how quickly germs spread, especially if you don't have access to sanitation.

Year 5 hosted a bake sale after Phil's visit. In addition to a cheque for £305 that other classes raised last year, we raised an additional £176 for this worthy and lifesaving charity. Thank you to all the bakers out there!heart



Year 5 were very lucky to visit the Royal National Lifeboat Station at Teddington to learn about 'Dangerous Waters' and the crucial work this amazing body of volunteers do to keep people safe on and around water.  Thank you so much to Jon, John, Tim and Peter for making us so welcome and teaching us so much.  Year 5 raised a donation which we presented to Jon at the end of the session, for which we received a lovely thank you letter. 

" I really liked the trip because we got to see some of the kit they wear and the boats were very cool! There was a tractor to pull the boats to the water and I also learned about water safety. We also listened to some funny and interesting stories. It was one of the best school trips ever" Luca (future RNLI crew!)


It was so much fun. I wish we could stay longer and go on one of the boats in the water." Emma (related to RNLI crew members)

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