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Water Aid Presentation

Phil Renton, from WaterAid UK presented a talk about the work of Water Aid to the children remotely.  He focused on the town of Frat in Ethiopia. Obviously, there are many areas in the world where the people have to drink 'dangerous water'. The workshop sparked a flurry of activities and learning. We learned where in the world Water Aid work and we even did a survey of the school asking them to reflect on what their life would be like if they did not have access to clean water and sanitation at school.  It made the children reflect on how blessed we are to have access to clean water and proper sanitation, especially in the current climate. 

As a result of this presentation, I decided that it would be a nice idea to do a 'Water Walk. This involved the children carrying a 10-20kg load in a backpack for a 3-4 km walk which reflects the weight and distance many children across the world have to travel to get clean water for their family.  Many families participated in this activity and made a voluntary donation to WaterAid online. Thank you it was hard work!heart


A long walk with a heavy load

Water Walk in aid of WaterAid

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