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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School


Fabulous Finish Authentic Experience

December 2019


Year Three have been working hard all term to research, prepare and polish their learning ready for a real life museum exhibition. They were very lucky children and were able to display their work at Egham Museum, and to work with Amy, the assistant curator there.

The children first researched what goes into an exhibition and how it is catered to different learning styles. The class really got on board with this idea and tried to make their own exhibition as engaging as possible. 

Their exhibits included fact walls, voting systems, models, banners, videos, mosaic making area and many more...

The children have received some feedback from their 'critical audience' that includes the chair of governors, the local priest and volunteers from the Egham museum.

It was a fantastic way to finish the term. Well done Year Three!


Verulamium Museum


Tuesday 5th November 2019


What we learnt...

Still image for this video
A small selection of pupils sharing what they have learnt on the school trip.

Our Research Trip to Egham Museum


When we went to Egham museum we learnt how old historical artefacts would be presented. We went there because we are going to open an exhibition all about what we have been learning about. We have been learning about our four concepts; belonging, tradition, conflict and loyalty. We have also been learning about Romans and rocks and how to build a road. 

On the trip we learnt lots of different ways to present information including; a number hunt, a timeline, models, banners, artefacts, sand box, posters, feely boxes and the TV screens.

We are now so excited to present our work and show everyone all about it!


-Annabel, Josh, Isla, Bella, Mac, Eva, Perrie.

Roman Day



Year Three have had all the Roman fun today. After being greeted by Lucius Siccius Dentatus, the new recruits were thrust into Roman Army Bootcamp!



Label themselves with a Roman name.

Discover what conditions must be adhered to in order to be in the army.

Passing a medical exam.

Taking over the empire through a game called 'Cardinal Coordinates.'

Word battles!


Much fun was had by all, even Lucius, Julias and Marcius. (The centurion and his optio)

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