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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Understanding the world

This term our learning focus is Spring. 

We are learning about the differences and similarities between seasons and about the animals that are born in Spring. Our "authentic outcome" will be having living eggs in school. We will look after the eggs until they hatch and then we will learn to look after the chicks. We also planted individual bean seeds and we are recording in our books the changes each week.

Samuel "Spring comes after winter"


Taylor "We know is spring coming soon when we see flowers in the garden"


Barney "Some animals are born in spring, like chicks and lambs"


Harrison "Tadpoles are baby frogs but they don't have any legs"


Jack "In spring the birds make nests for the eggs"


Charlie "After spring is summer. There are four seasons"


Mia D. "My favourite season is summer"


William "The days are longer in spring. When we go to bed is still sunny outside"


Nico "The baby cow is called calf"


Millie "The trees grow new green leaves in spring"


Aurelia "In spring it gets warmer"


Olivia "We might see the rainbow in spring because is sunny but also rain a lot"


Finlay "The chicks come from eggs"


Gabrian "In spring is warm"


Matteo "In spring is not as warm as it is in summer"


Matilda "The baby chicks are yellow and they are soft"


Stefan "Baby frogs are called tadpoles"


Alexandra "Spring is coming soon"


Alexander "The trees blossom in spring"





This term our focus was "Customs".

We learnt about "Chinese New Year" and we discussed differences and similarities in the way we celebrate the new year in England. We compared famous buildings in England and in China, and we identified both countries in the globe. We had lots of fun playing in our role play "Chinese Restaurant" and our "authentic outcome" it was cooking Chinese food in the fire pit (we made fire!) and having a Chinese food taste. We loved it!


Matilda "What would you like to eat Miss Reyes? We have noodles and dumplings but you have to eat it with chopsticks" (then she demonstrated how to each with chopsticks)


Rhys "I know where is China" (then he pointed to it in the inflatable globe)


Samuel "China is very big compared to England"


Darcey "In China they have panda bears"


Alexander "In China there is a big long wall"


Darcey "I saw in the TV with my family that people in England celebrate the New Year next to the Big Ben with fireworks"


Nico "We celebrate the New Year with food too, but different food"


William "In China they write different to us. They use something like symbols"


Barney "The top bit in the buildings are pointy" (looking at Chinese different famous buildings)


Jack "They like the colour red. They even wear red clothes in the special day"


Charlie "In China they celebrate the new year different to us and in different time"


Finlay "The family cook and eat together in Chinese New Year"


Stefan "Orange mean good luck" (meaning "tangerines")


Matteo "There are many animals in the Chinese Zodiac. I remember the rat, the pig and the ox"


Millie "The rat was very clever" (after reading the story of the Great Race)


Gabrian "They eat with chopsticks"


Caitlin "They eat spring rolls, but we do sometimes too"


Taylor "I like Chinese food"


Aurelia "This year is the year of the rat because the rat won the race"


Hugo "They play music for the Dragon Dance"







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