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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year 6

Year Six History Stunning start


In Year Six, we are learning about World War Two and making comparisons between children’s experiences of being a child during a world war and our experiences of being a child in a pandemic. To kick start our learning, we were lucky to have an artefacts box from Chertsey Museum, which contained toys and activities that children played with during World War Two. We looked at all of the artefacts and even got to play with them and discussed the similarities and differences between how children entertained themselves during a war and how we have entertained ourselves during lockdown.

This is what we think about the toy’s we looked at:

Millie: I liked the spinning top and the books because they were something that can entertain you for a long time.

Lola: I liked the books because it was nice to see books from the past and I liked the spinning top because it was really fun and interesting to play with.

Bobby: My favourite toys were the warship and the car, because the warship looked quite cool and the car was fun to play with.

Victoria: My favourite thing was the book for the boys and the girls because they look like they had some fun activities in them.

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