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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year Five

Year Five's Voice


Isabella F – “During lockdown we did some work on floods and how to protect others from floods and what to do if we have them. So, what do be equipped with. We studied floods in New Orleans and also the Boscastle floods. We compared how efficient the services were and how quickly they were able to rescue everyone, also their living conditions. We researched and tried to find out things that would help us if we had a flood defense. We are planning on making the flood defenses and putting them in the pond to see if they work.”


Joanita – “With our information, we decided to design a flood defense with big stones and sand and work out what kind of materials would work. We found out that stones and sand bags would work. We are going to test these out on the pond. I predict that the stones will work if we put them on top of each, but I don’t think the sand bags will work so well because of the holes between the bags. I think the water will leak through.”


Robin – “After we learned about our flood defenses and floods, we went on to learn about marine predators that live in the sea and how they work in the food chain. So we started of by learning about sharks, crocodiles and snakes etc.”

Daniel – “We made life cycles about the marine predators and we started to think about whether they can break through our flood defenses. We were learning about sea lions, sharks and others. We produced fact files about them and started making plastic models of them and we found out that some could break through the flood defenses for example the shark could break through the sand bag and the stones, but the sea lion couldn’t. We thought about using brick to make it more sturdy to make it thick, but we also needed to think about where we get the bricks from.”


Robin – “So after we did our marine predators, we started to learn about mythical creatures. We learned about mythical creatures that lived in the sea. We then made our own gods and put them into a story about a sea creature. We learned about how Poseidon caused a storm in the sea that work up a sea creature that attacked boats. It connects to geography because we had to learn when and where the legends took place we relates to geography and it connects to our marine predators because they basically are predators in the sea, except mythical.”

Year 5 responded to Lauren Davies book ‘Little Turtle Turns the Tide’ as part of our spring fantastic finish. 

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