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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year Four

Year Four's Voice


Bailey – “We are learning about Laudato Si, the letter from the pope about how we are destroying the world. We are treating the world as if we have infinite supplies and Year 4 are trying to keep the world alive. We are planting more plants, we are zoning off areas so that we can make more habitats and we are trying to get more bins so that we don’t recycle stuff that we can’t recycle.”


Lizzie – “We are the planting team and our team’s aim is to try and plant more plants in our area. We have already got the amount of money we need for the resources – seeds and soil. We wrote a letter to the PTA asking for money and they set up a website page on the newsletter, so everybody would be able to donate money. We now need to just buy them so we can start planting. This will help the world because people are chopping down lots of trees so if we plant more things, more animals will come and so that it helps the butterflies and bees get more food.”


Mia – “We are the recycling team, we went on a walk around the school and we noticed that people from outside had put litter into the school. So our mission is to buy more bins and litter pickers to help the environment. We have written and letter to the PTA asking for some money and they have replied and set up a website for donations that people can donate money to buy bins. We are now 50% there to being able to buy them. We think it will help the environment because right now at St Cuthbert’s people are recycling because in Year 4 we don’t have the recycling bin and lots of classes don’t, so we will give each class a new set of bins. We are going to have general waste and paper bins around the school.”


Bailey – “We are the habitat team and we are trying to zone off areas to grow things so that bugs, rabbits and other animals can live. We have been making signs for people to say do not go on the grass and we wrote a letter to Mrs Gillin saying that we needed more rope because we’d ran out of rope and we did really well, so when she replies we are going to rope up the area and once we’re done with that, in a few months we should have animals living in the grass there. It will help the environment because people chopped up the grass and could be ruining habitats so we are making these zones so that they can be undisturbed.”

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