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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year Six

Year Six's Voice


Cerys – “Our project is “is change inevitable?” it links to our environment and how sustainable it is."


Maya – “We included this with our Easter reflection by designing our own outfits by using recycled materials and outfits to make the outfits better. This were old outfits at school. We made them better. We showed sustainability by using recycled clothes rather than new materials.”


Johnny – “Some animals – people are using their skin and rhinos for example people are taking their horns for money. That’s changing by animals going extinct.”


Cerys – “We’ve also been learning about fast fashion, which is when you buy clothes and then a new trend comes out and then you just chuck the clothes out. We had a debate to think about whether that was right. We had three groups, one that was for fast fashion, one that was against it and one that was in the middle.”


Maya – “I’m in the middle because it’s bad for the environment. You could reuse your old clothes instead of binning them or give them to charity.”


Johnny – “I’m more against fast fashion than for it, but I’m in the middle.”

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