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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year Three

Year Three's Voice


Audrey – “Our group are finding questions for our trail boards, these are for the river trail that we are doing for the national trust. Then we have this group over here which are the advertising group. They are going to be showing on social media for people to come to our river trail. Then outside, this group are colouring to create the designs for our trail boards which we have already made.”


Polly – “We are going to be sending things to people on social media and out to the different classes in the school. We are planning what we are going to say.”


Polly -  “The first line is: ‘Hello classes and social media, as you can see here we have teamed up with the national trust and Jess Kellard.’ We will have the national trust logo behind us and the St Cuthbert’s logo because they both have to be included.”


Harry - “We hope that we can be really good and articulate in the video.”


Liliana – “Hopefully people will sign up and come to it when they see it on social media.”


Luke & Taz – “We are going to have some letters to spell out the word ‘Thames’ and we are going to have a winner that receives a plastic gold medal. On each trail board there will be a letter and then at the end they need to unjumble all of the letters to spell the word Thames. We have chosen for it to blue to suit the river trail.”

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