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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year Three

Year Three's Voice


Evelyn - 'I enjoyed how the trail went through the woods.'


Liliana - 'I really liked engaging with the builders to help make the boards. I was proud of how well we made our measurements.'


Lily - 'I liked when we got to see the boards being built.'


Billy - 'I really enjoyed making the board prototypes because I have never made something like that before.'


Jamie -'I liked to receive the feedback at the trail. It made me feel happy because a lot of people gave us 10/10.'


Tristan - 'I really enjoyed volunteering because you met some people. At first I felt shy talking to people but I was encouraged by a few others to speak to people.'


Nico - 'I liked that we get to see the people who were going on the trail because it made me proud of our hard work and so many people came to the trail.'


Oonagh - 'I liked volunteering because when my friend came to help me I knew what to say after practicing and then I helped train up the next person.'

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