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St Cuthbert's Catholic

Primary School

Year Two

Year Two's Voice


Aimen -  “We are making fact files about the Arctic and Kenya. I am writing the landscapes in Kenya section. We are doing this to give to Year 1 when they are in Year 2 so they can learn.”


Kitty - “We are working on the Arctic fact file. Our section is the food they eat. They eat different foods to us because of the climate and it being hard to grow some things. They also don’t get their water from wells like they do in Kenya.”


Nico – “Masaai people build their homes out of mud and cow dung, they work together as a community.”


Noah – “Kenya is hotter because it is nearer the equator.”


Celina – “Kenyan’s eat a traditional dish called ‘Ugali’ which we don’t have in the UK.”


Oli – “Because the Arctic is so cold, they must wrap up really warm. The ice is melting in the Arctic because of global warming and this isn’t very good.”


Kitty – “The Inuit people don’t like to kill lots of animals. They only kill to eat and they respect the animals.”

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